Professional Corporate CPR Training in New Jersey at Oceanside CPR

Professional Corporate CPR Training in New Jersey at Oceanside CPR

Maintaining an up-to-date CPR certification is often a requirement for many employers in the state of New Jersey. At Oceanside CPR we offer flexible training options to get your staff certified quickly and efficiently. As an American Heart Association authorized training site, we offer CPR training classes that are based on the latest AHA guidelines.

Our corporate CPR training classes in New Jersey will fully certify all of your employees and are designed for anyone no matter what their medical background is. We are a leading provider of CPR classes in the region, and our experienced trainers will train your staff with all of the knowledge and hands on skills that they need to be fully certified by the American Heart Association and to meet New Jersey state requirements.

Training can be performed right in your office

One major benefit of working with Oceanside CPR is the fact that we can come to your office and train your group directly on site. This saves your staff the hassle of having to travel to receive their training, and it will save your company both time and money.

You get to pick the time for the classes so that your staff can train when you are not busy and when they are the most relaxed. This will ensure that your company stays at maximum productivity while your staff completes their CPR training requirements. Our group training is perfect for any size of corporation, and we have extensive experience with training large groups. We will ensure that your staff is trained as quickly as possible so that they can have the credentials they need.

Save money with discounted rates

When you sign up a large group for your corporation, you can save a significant amount of money compared individual classes. Group training is just as effective as individual training, but your organization will spend a much lower amount on the group classes. You can expect to save up to $150 per individual depending on how much training you need.

By taking care of all of your CPR certification requirements at once, your staff won’t have to go out and obtain individual training on their own, which can be a hassle for them. Also, if you schedule a recertification group class in the future you will save money again when your organization needs to recertify, and this can be a convenient way to ensure that everyone maintains their certified status.

Over 25 years of experience makes a difference

By working with Oceanside CPR, you get the benefit of working with instructors who have over 25 years of experience and who are familiar with the latest AHA guidelines. We can help your staff learn the most important aspects of CPR, BLS, First Aid, AED operation and more.

With our extensive experience, we will have your organization certified in the timeframe that you need, and we will provide your staff with the detailed knowledge and skills that they need for their CPR, BLS, AED or First Aid training.

For more information about CPR training in New Jersey and to get a free quote and consultation, contact Oceanside CPR today at 732-616-2407.