Oceanside CPR Launches Revived Website

Our hearts are a flutter with the announcement of our new website launch! You’ll notice that the new design not only breathes life back into our website with a refreshing design, but it is also much easier to navigate and register for CPR classes for everyone visiting the site!

Oceanside CPR New WebsiteIt’s Alive!

We’re pleased to announce that our new website is now live; it has been completely revamped and refreshed with each of our user’s needs in mind. We have redesigned our layout and navigation so you can easily find information and quickly register for CPR classes. The menus and registration process have both been enhanced and completely simplified.

Modern Look

You’ll notice that our new website has a modern, sleek look featuring a fresh layout to make it easier for you to find a CPR, AED and BLS class to fit your schedule. Plus, since it’s mobile-friendly, you can access it on the go and conveniently book your class right from your phone or tablet.

Find What You Need

We’ve put added focus on the on-site group classes including CPR, BLS, first aid training and certification options for larger groups. Plus you can now conveniently filter your search by date, location and subject.


Our mission is to spread awareness of the importance of CPR and BLS skills and we’re excited to share this easy-to-use site with visitors. As CPR instructors with over 25 years of experience, we are able to provide a relaxed and comfortable teaching environment, no matter what class you are looking for. Our goal is to prepare you with the confidence so you can perform CPR in any life-threatening emergency – Without Hesitation!

Enrich Knowledge

Our sleek new design makes it easier to access our blog, learning about qualities of a good CPR instructor, how to choose a CPR training class, FAQs regarding CPR classes and important updates in the news.

Get Connected

Stay in the know through our social media channel buttons linked conveniently in the bottom right of the website to foster improved communications about the importance of CPR on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

We, at Oceanside CPR, hope you enjoy the fresh look of our new website, designed specifically with each of your needs in mind. We look forward to hearing your feedback and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.