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As a health & fitness trainer, people put their trust in your hands to know what’s best for them and keep them safe. Whether you work at a fitness center, gym or even from your client’s homes, ensuring that you and your fellow personal trainers are prepared for medical emergencies is essential -- especially in a physical, fast-paced environment.

Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death among US adults. In many cases, had they received CPR and first aid within the first few minutes of the attack, their lives could have been saved. Arm your employees with the life-saving CPR and first-aid skills they need to act in an emergency.

Why Invest in On-Site CPR and First Aid Training for Gym Staff?

Ensure compliance with mandatory CPR certifications across entire staff

Provide research-proven Practice-While-Watching techniques, which allows instructors to observe staff’s performance of CPR to manikins and provide feedback

Clients will feel safer knowing their personal trainers are fully prepared to act in case of emergency

CPR classes are tailored to the individual needs and circumstances of gyms and health facilities, highlighting most common medical emergencies and proper responses

Reduces chances of serious or fatal injuries or medical emergencies by preparing trainers to act quickly in emergencies

Builds your team’s confidence to act quickly and correctly in an emergency – protecting the lives of your staff, clients and members

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Listen To Our Happy Clients!

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you both did with our CPR/AED/First Aid class last week. You made the class go by quickly, but still refreshed our memories- and brought us up to speed on all the changes since the last time we were certified. We will be using Oceanside again for future classes, and I will be in touch to discuss purchasing a new AED. Thanks again.
Thanks so much. Great class. Great location. Great knowledgeable instructor. I will pass on business card to my employer as I know a lot of employees need certification.

Scheduling a Health & Fitness CPR Training Class is Easy!


Simply click here to schedule a CPR training session at your gym or fitness center. You will be asked to what days and times are convenient for you and your staff. We will take care of the rest.


Oceanside CPR will teach your team fundamentals of CPR & First Aid, focusing on issues most common in gyms. Class includes: practicing skills, demonstration, exercises in real settings, discussions and Q&A


Your entire team will become CPR-certified & CONFIDENT on how to act in medical emergencies. They will leave feeling prepared and ready to respond in worst case scenarios - and will provide better service to your clients

Schedule a Health & Fitness CPR or First Aid Training Class Today!


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