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As the first responder in any medical emergency, it is critical that home health aides be properly certified in CPR. Whether working with the elderly, disabled or chronically ill, ensuring that you and your staff are prepared for medical emergencies is essential – especially when working alone at a patient’s home who needs extensive care.

Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death among US adults. In many cases, had they received CPR and first aid within the first few minutes of the attack, their lives could have been saved. Arm your employees with the life-saving CPR and first-aid skills they need to act in an emergency.

Why Invest in On-Site CPR or First-Aid Training for Home Health Aides?

Ensure compliance with mandatory CPR certifications across entire staff

Reduces chances of serious or fatal injuries or medical emergencies with patients by preparing aides to act quickly in emergencies

Convenient, effective CPR training amongst fellow home health aides encourages relevant questions and problem-solving

CPR classes can be tailored to a variety of needs and circumstances, highlighting most common medical emergencies and proper responses

Provide research-proven Practice-While-Watching techniques, allowing staff to experience life-like CPR practice on manikins and receive proper feedback from the instructor

Prepares employees to act quickly, correctly and confidently in an emergency – protecting the lives of your staff and patients

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Listen To Our Happy Clients!

The instructors from Oceanside CPR did an excellent job presenting the material to our employees. Several of them (including veteran volunteer firefighters and EMS) remarked how the classes were not the typical CPR/first aid sessions they had attended in the past. The instructors provided all the necessary information in an engaging and effective manner. We will definitely use Oceanside CPR for our future training sessions.
Steve is always really personable and friendly. This CPR class was great! I am really glad I took it so that I can now speak honestly from experience that it is an informative and entertaining course thanks to the instructor!

Scheduling a Home Health Aide CPR Training Class is Easy!


Simply click here to schedule a home health aide CPR training session at your workplace. You will be asked what days and times are convenient for your staff. We will take care of the rest


Oceanside CPR will teach your team the fundamentals of CPR and First Aid. Class will include: practicing skills, demonstration, exercises in real settings, discussions, and Q&A


Your entire team will become CPR-certified and CONFIDENT on how to act in emergencies. Your staff will leave feeling prepared and ready to respond in worst case scenarios - and appreciate your efforts

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