Babysitting Safety

Have a tween ready to start babysitting? Leaving older siblings home to watch younger ones?

Calling all teens! Have you ever been left in charge of your younger siblings? Or maybe you watch the children in your neighborhood? No matter the situation, prepare yourself and learn the essentials of child and babysitting safety. This course will build confidence and peace of mind by showing teens safe and effective methods to care for children. Topics covered include safety and injury prevention, conflict resolution, setting boundaries, age-appropriate play, and basic first aid.

Taught in a relaxed and comfortable environment, participants will develop practical skills and strategies that will last a lifetime. Course includes manual.


  • This course is for tweens and teens¬†who need to know how to perform basic lifesaving functions and first aid, as it relates to child and babysitting safety.


  • Course Completion Card.

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Upcoming Babysitting Safety Classes

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