5 Benefits of Onsite CPR Training

5 Benefits of Onsite CPR Training

Do you provide corporate onsite CPR training for your employees and coworkers? If not, you should think about looking into CPR training programs and seeing if it’s something that your employees would be interested in. CPR training is important and useful for everyone, no matter their age or profession. The skills were once limited to lifeguards and medical professionals, but now more and more people are learning how to perform CPR because of the great benefits that the training can provide. Here are some of the biggest benefits of corporate onsite CPR training. If you’re interested in providing training to your employees, contact us today.

  1. Giving Your Employees Confidence

The idea of being thrust in a situation where you have to save someone’s life is very intimidating for most people. Without an understanding of CPR and training, many people feel helpless in these situations, and even if these situations never occur, the fact that they don’t know how to act can make them less confident. After completing CPR training, your employees will feel more confident because they know that they could potentially save someone’s life during an emergency.

  1. Team-Building and Leadership

Whenever your team has to work together, learn something new, and take on a new task, it’s a great opportunity for team-building in the office. Office safety is a fantastic project that can bring together employees from different departments and parts of an office, allowing them to collaborate and work together. Corporate onsite CPR training and first aid training can be part of these types of projects, or can be a great way to kick off an office safety program.

  1. AED and First Aid Training

CPR programs do not focus solely on how to provide CPR. These programs can also teach your employees how to provide first aid and how to use an automated external defibrillator. This type of training will give your employees the skills to respond in any type of emergency situation in the workplace.

  1. Saving Lives at Work

Ultimately, you provide corporate onsite CPR training so that your employees can use it if there is ever an emergency. Immediate CPR and defibrillation can be the difference between someone living or dying, so it’s extremely important that someone nearby is trained and ready to help. Only about 10% of people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest are able to survive by the time they reach the hospital. Providing CPR and defibrillation correctly and right away can double or even triple a person’s chance of surviving.

  1. CPR for Families and Children

Not only will CPR training make the office safer, it will also make your employees’ homes much safer in the event of an emergency. Almost 90% of sudden cardiac arrests occur in the home, and with the proper training, your employees will be able to perform CPR on loved ones and family members. This type of training is especially important if family members have heart problems or if there are young children in the household. If a child has an issue, someone trained in CPR will know how to adjust the technique to make it more effective on a child.

These are just a few of the many benefits of corporate onsite CPR training. Your employees will be very grateful to you for providing corporate onsite CPR training, and the program will be very beneficial for your organization as well. Corporate onsite CPR training programs can be customized to include AED and first aid training, and they can be scheduled to be more convenient for a busy office with lots of deadlines. Contact us for more information.