The Convenience of Onsite CPR Training

We are a society that is becoming increasingly more convenient and client centered. We shop online, DVR’s record our favorite TV shows, and movies come to us in the mail. Now there is Onsite CPR Training through Oceanside CPR. There is no need to leave your home or office to receive this essential training. An instructor can come to you while you are in the luxury of your own home or relaxing during your lunch break at work.

Finding Information About Onsite CPR Training

On the right hand side of the Oceanside CPR website, there is a link called “Upcoming Classes.” If you hover over it with your mouse, a list of different classes will be revealed to you. When you travel down that list, you will see the title “Onsite Training.” After clicking on this link, you will be transported to a description of the different types of CPR that can be learned at home or in an office setting. It reads, “We offer a full range of classes from Adult, Child & Infant CPR, AED training, CPR for the Healthcare Professional, & First Aid, and are able to customize a class that will fit your needs.”

Having a Luxury Experience

Oceanside CPR provides all certification materials, so there is absolutely no inconvenience to the client. Onsite CPR training is designed to be as simple and easy for the client as possible. Our goal is to make sure you do not experience any hassle in becoming either certified or re-certified.

In the Workplace

While at work, we can arrange to have a “lunch time” class for your whole office. In the span of an hour, everyone in the office can be trained and ready to perform CPR. The good news is that by involving other people in your CPR training experience, we can give you a special group rate.

We would love to speak to you more about Oceanside CPR and our onsite CPR training. Please contact us to ask questions and schedule CPR training.

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