What Is an AED?

What Is an AED?

Every year, there are more and more AEDs in public areas, shopping malls, and office buildings throughout New Jersey. In addition, corporate onsite CPR training is becoming more widespread as businesses are doing everything they can to increase safety in the workplace. These devices are helping save people’s lives when they have sudden heart problems that result in cardiac arrest. Though these machines are easy to use, it is still very important that more people receive AED training and CPR training in NJ. The proper training will increase the chance that someone will be able to use the device properly, and research has shown that these devices can help double or triple a person’s chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest.

Every minute counts in these types of emergencies. Someone with AED and CPR training in NJ has the knowledge and skills to immediately respond to an emergency, increasing the chance that the person survives. If you have never seen or used an AED before, it can be intimidating, especially when someone else’s life is on the line. Completing AED and CPR training in NJ will help give you the training and confidence to respond correctly in any emergency without hesitation.

What Is an Automated External Defibrillator?

An AED, also known as an automated external defibrillator, is a small device that can help save the life of someone who has experienced sudden cardiac arrest. The device has electrodes that you attach to the person’s chest, and these electrodes can detect the person’s heartbeat and determine if they need an electric shock to restore the normal rhythm of their heart. The device can then deliver that electric shock to the person’s heart and help them before it’s too late. In combination with CPR training in NJ, the use of an AED can dramatically increase a person’s chance of survival.

AEDs are lightweight, portable, and powered by batteries, making it very easy to carry them to any victim and begin using them. They are normally located in malls, offices, and in public places, so that they can be used in an emergency. Because AEDs are automated, they are very easy to use. With the training in a corporate onsite CPR training session, anyone can learn how to use one effectively. The computer in an AED is able to analyze the person’s heartbeat and will prevent you from using an AED on a person who doesn’t need it. The computer will also help assist you in using the product and will tell you when to provide the electric shock. CPR training in NJ can provide more familiarity with the device, which ensures that it used 100% correctly.

When Do You Use an AED?

If a person’s heart has suddenly stopped beating, their body goes into sudden cardiac arrest, and this is when an AED can be used to potentially save that person’s life. Classes for CPR training in NJ can show you how to recognize when someone is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest and how to quickly respond.

If someone suddenly loses consciousness and collapses, you should immediately try to wake them up and get them to respond. If they do not respond, you need to check their breathing and pulse and call 9-1-1. At this point, you will need to immediately provide CPR and use the AED before the medical professionals arrive. This type of response, if performed correctly, can dramatically increase someone’s chances of surviving. With corporate onsite CPR training, you can learn exactly what to do and how to do it during a future emergency. Contact us for more information about CPR training in NJ.